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Are you currently going through a break up?

Do you feel like nobody fully understands what you are going through right now?

Are you struggling with being alone?

Are you tempted to go back to your ex even though you know it's a toxic relationship?

Do you have a pattern of breaking up and getting back together?

Do you need reassurance that you are doing the right thing by breaking up?

Do you need support from someone who is going through the same experience as you?

Do you want to heal from this breakup as quickly as possible?

Then This Course Is For You!!

Use this breakup time to heal yourself and see your relationship for what it was. Take off your emotional love glasses and see the truth of what your past relationship really was.


Stop the toxic cycle of hurt and take a step forward into healing yourself for your next relationship. 


Learn from your emotional traumas and leave them in the past so you don’t take them with you to your next relationship. 


Your next partner deserves to meet you when you aren’t carrying emotional baggage from a previous relationship. 


We will go through your breakup together so you won’t feel so alone.

(This course was made and recorded while I was going through a breakup).


Emerge on the other side a confident, self respecting human who won’t settle for anything less than EVERYTHING you want and deserve.


Emerge from this breakup fully healed and ready to meet your next person.

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What  You Will Learn

Get the tools you need to properly heal from this relationship so you can move on with your life without a heavy weight of emotional baggage

How to feel powerful instead of lonely as we go through the stages of a breakup together. 

Forgive yourself for your past relationship and for not loving yourself like you truly deserved. 

Learn to let go of any anger, and grudges towards your ex.

Accept and learn from the lesson your ex was here to teach you, so you don't repeat the same pattern.

Move on to your next relationship, fully healed and ready to love again with an open heart. 

How to tap into your intuition.

How to manifest your next relationship.

How to smudge your home and get rid of negative energy.





How  It  Works

This course is 100% online

12 weeks of recorded training modules with exercises and resources attached

Unlimited replays and a lifetime access to course material and updates

Get instant access immediately after you sign up!

Each new module will be released at the designated time frames

Course Curriculum

DAY 1:  Step 1

  • How to get through the day

  • Making your "bad" list

DAY 2: Listen to your body

  • Acknowledging your trauma

  • Heartbreak meditation

DAY 3: Why Am I Crying?

  • Intro to the work by Byron Katie

  • How to change your mindset

  • Transforming negative thoughts 

DAY 4: It's Not YOUR Fault

  • Avoiding negative self talk

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Intro to 5 minute journal

  • Journal prompts

  • Letting go & setting yourself free 

DAY 5: You Are Lovable AF!

  • How to take time for YOU

  • How to honour yourself

  • Journaling your feelings

  • Deleting negative stories 


DAY 6: Don't Make This Mistake!

  • Cutting communication with you ex

  • Discover the lesson you are meant to learn

  • Powerful mantras

WEEK 1: Lessons & Gratitude

  • How to keep yourself strong

  • Self love tips

  • Remember WHY you broke up

  • Journal prompts

  • Importance of gratitude

WEEK 2: Show Yourself Love

  • Finding an outlet for your stress

  • Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster

  • Self love techniques

  • Letting Self Love In - guided meditation

WEEK 3: Keep Going, You've Got This

  • Dealing with "weak" moments

  • Why we still miss them

  • Journal Prompts

  • Guided Meditation - Healing Your Inner Child

WEEK 4: I'm Still Angry

  • Are you ready to forgive?

  • Healing if NOT linear

  • Forgiveness letter (optional)

  • Self Love Course discount code

WEEK 5: Your Ex Has A New Person (WTF)

  • Lessons from your past relationships

  • Breaking toxic patterns

  • Powerful Mantras

  • Attracting your soulmate guided meditation

WEEK 6: Forgive Yourself

  • Are you ready to date again?

  • How to not miss your ex

  • Forgiveness Letter 

  • Healing through forgiveness

WEEK 8: You Can Have EVERYTHING You Want

  • Trusting again, are you ready?

  • Get ready to trust

  • Manifesting the wrong way

  • Making your wish list

WEEK 10: Love Yourself First

  • The keys to manifesting

  • Journal exercises

  • Mindset for manifesting

WEEK 12: The BEST Step

  • How to trust again

  • What healed feels like

  • Break the cycle of dating the same guy

  • Planning your next relationship

  • The best secret to moving forward


  • How to tap into your intuition

  • How to smudge your house and clear negative energy


this course 100% works.

i used everything in this course

to get over my breakup and i am fully healed

 and so excited to share it with you!

What  You  Get

12 Weeks of motivational videos with all my healing secrets

18 training videos, spaced out over 12 weeks

The secrets to healing & getting the relationship you want

Journal prompts & guided meditations

Lifetime access to course content and updates

Access to The Elite VIP Membership Facebook group

Direct access to ask Laura Paige any questions

$200 OFF Discount Code for "Learn To Love Your Body" Self Love Course 

Option to purchase 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Laura Paige

Why I Made This Course 


Breakups can feel absolutely devastating. Your world is completely upside down and you feel so alone. Your friends and family offer the best support that they can, but a lot of them thought that you were better off without your ex and cannot fully comprehend the pain that you are going through. 

You can talk to a pricey professional counsellor at certain designating times but that was not helpful for me! So I decided to make this one of a kind course for anyone struggling with their breakup. 

Not only will we go through all the emotions together, but I give you tips and tricks about how to heal during every single stage. As we heal together we can forgive ourselves, and learn to accept the lesson we were meant to learn from our ex. We release any anger towards ourselves and our ex so we can get rid of any emotional baggage from following us for years.

Break the cycle of toxic relationships and learn that you deserve EVERYTHING that you desire. 

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