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Laura Paige Certified Spiritual Life Coach
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Laura Paige helps transform women who feel unhappy, lost, stuck, and bored with their lives to shift their mindset and live in alignment so they can live with passion, purpose and have their dream lives.

Currently Accepting New 1 on 1 Monthly Coaching Clients

SHIFT Your Mindset To 
Transform Your Life
- Laura Paige

Do You Feel...

  • Unhappy with your life?

  • Like you want to make a change in your life but fear is holding you back?

  • Like everyone else is moving forward and you are standing still?

  • Like you have dreams and goals but you are not achieving them?

  • You know you want a change but you don't know what or how?

  • Like you're ready to break toxic cycles in your life?

  • Stuck, and dread Mondays?

  • Ready to find your purpose and rekindle the fire in your soul?

  • Ready to work towards building your dream life?

This Is The Sign You've
Been Waiting For

Stop waiting, start  Living  Your  BEST  Life

  • Live a life that you LOVE waking up to each day

  • Feel genuinely happy, fulfilled and so loved that you can't stop talking about it

  • Reclaim your confidence in yourself and live authentically

  • Feel light and free from the stressful weight you are used to carrying

  • Realize your true power and potential

  • Discover your super powers and how to use them

  • Have clarity for your journey and purpose for this life time

  • Identify, change and replace what is blocking you from living your best life

  • Understand your innate strengths and start using them to your advantage

  • Together we will map out your purpose blueprint to discover what your purpose is

  • Discover your human design birth chart and how to use it 

  • Answer powerful questions to gain insight into your journey and how to achieve your dreams

  • Conquer your fears through mindset shifting

  • Delete your negative beliefs and replace them with positive, supportive beliefs

  • Build habits & routines that support your goals

  • Evaluate which habits are helping and which are hindering

  • Align your physical, emotional & spiritual energy 

  • Receive guidance from someone who has been in your shoes

  • And much more


1 on 1 Coaching

Coaching plans and tools are customized to each client depending on what stage you are at in your journey of discovering your true purpose, living in alignment with that purpose and living your ultimate dream life.

(It might seem far from reality right now, but I promise you it is possible - I've done it!).

What You Get:

  • Custom coaching plan

  • Weekly 1 hour Zoom coaching calls

  • Guidance & support throughout your journey

  • Breath work exercises

  • Journal exercises

  • Visualization practices

  • Meditation Resources

  • Access to your Human Design Chart (3 month + clients)

  • Human Design Readings Level 1 & 2 (3 month + clients)

Spiritual Life Coach Laura Paige Photo

*Please note: Limited amount of coaching spots available

Coach Laura Paige Client Testimonial

Mandy A

Laura is one of a kind, and even that is an understatement! She has helped me work through some pretty damaging traumas to say the least. I felt heavy hearted, defeated, immensely sad, destroyed with depression,  and riddled with anxiety all the time.

After working with Laura, I'm a happier healthier, person.

I have a much better outlook on life, and feel so light!

I would highly recommend Laura as she has been a literal life saver!

Coach Laura Paige Client Testimonial 2

Simone H

I have learned so much about myself through coaching with Laura.

Her teaching style is informal, puts you at ease and is enjoyable yet goes deep to your core when needed.

She is there to guide you through it all with positive encouragement, no judgement and a feeling of connection, like talking to a friend.

Highly recommend!

Coach Laura Paige Client Testimonial 3

Vanessa L

Laura is an amazing coach,

I love how she holds such a safe and warm space for you to share what’s coming up for you.

She’s a great listener and also has a beautiful sense of humor that comes through.

I felt a so much more clarity after a session with Laura and I have every confidence you will too. 🙏🏻✨🌸✨

Client Love Notes

Mindset Coach Laura Paige Photo

Meet  Laura Paige

I used to HATE my life. I was depressed, anxious, bored, had no passion or drive and was working a corporate career that I dreaded. I drank A LOT, dreaded Mondays, lived for the weekend and thought this was what life was. I was dead inside.

One day I decided this was NOT how I wanted to live my life. I stopped drinking alcohol (in 2016), starting healing my mind, body and soul (myself), I started traveling and realized I wanted to be happy EVERY DAY!

I left the corporate world and started my own company (Boudoir Photography), which I grew to 6 figures in one year. I was living my dream life!

My boudoir clients helped me discover that the next step in my journey is coaching women through the struggles I have been through.

My purpose is to help women build and live their dream lives by shifting their mindset, using energy tools and practices, conquering mental blocks and transforming their lives. 
Xoxo, Laura Paige
Laura Paige is a certified Spiritual Life Coach specializing in mindset and transformations.

94% of the most successful athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and ceo's all have coaches.


FULL DISCLOSER: laura paige is not a doctor or health professional. We do not offer medical advice. coaching & courses offer advice on how to manage different situations.

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