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Mindset Coach Laura Paige | Transform your life | Life coach for women

HOW to transform your life so you can manage your stress, increase your happiness and achieve ALL your goals with ease.

Currently Accepting New 1 on 1 Monthly Coaching Clients

I went from being a depressed, alcoholic with constant panic attacks, working a corporate job I hated

TO... (in just 3 years)...

a sober, happy, 6 figure business owner, living my dream life and fulfilling my highest purpose.


This is for...

Women who feel depressed, anxious, stuck and want to create a better life for themselves. You may have tried other ways in the past and felt like it was a HUGE uphill battle and gave up after a few months. The change you want IS possible, it is NOT impossible to live your dream life. 

The Old Way (before you found 1:1 coaching) 
The New Way 
(Life with 1:1 coaching)


Old Way - Trying to change ALL your habits at once but failing after a couple days or weeks because the lifestyle change is too drastic, you don't see results and get frustrated and give up!

NEW way - Slowly integrating customized habits that support your goals and using tools to keep your motivation high.


Old Way - Thinking about what you want on a conscious level and not acknowledging what may be blocking you from your goals.

NEW way - Getting clarity on your goals & whats blocking you. Receiving direct and custom answers from your subconscious mind on what is standing in your way from being your best self, living your dream life.


Old Way - Healing 1 aspect (nutrition, physical, emotional & energetic health) at a time, which takes a long time.

NEW way - Treat the body & mind as 1 powerful machine and heal ALL aspects simultaneously to minimize time, struggle and optimize results.

How  It  Works

​By slowly integrating habits that support your goals while keeping your motivation high, using tools to get clear and direct answers on what is blocking you from your desires and healing your physical, emotional and spiritual body simultaneously will minimize your struggle while optimizing your results.

You can transform your life and achieve ALL your goals easily and in less time than ever before!

By saying no...

By NOT signing up you will spend years trying to heal yourself through dead end avenues, leaving you frustrated without the results you are wanting. This will have you believing that you cannot change or that you do not deserve your desires.

This is the sign you've been looking for.

If you feel, depressed, anxious, stuck or want to create a better life for yourself but something if standing in you way. This is the perfect solution for you!

Coach Laura Paige Client Testimonial

Mandy A

Laura is one of a kind, and even that is an understatement! She has helped me work through some pretty damaging traumas to say the least. I felt heavy hearted, defeated, immensely sad, destroyed with depression,  and riddled with anxiety all the time.

After working with Laura, I'm a happier healthier, person.

I have a much better outlook on life, and feel so light!

I would highly recommend Laura as she has been a literal life saver!

Coach Laura Paige Client Testimonial 2

Simone H

I have learned so much about myself through coaching with Laura.

Her teaching style is informal, puts you at ease and is enjoyable yet goes deep to your core when needed.

She is there to guide you through it all with positive encouragement, no judgement and a feeling of connection, like talking to a friend.

Highly recommend!

Coach Laura Paige Client Testimonial 3

Vanessa L

Laura is an amazing coach,

I love how she holds such a safe and warm space for you to share what’s coming up for you.

She’s a great listener and also has a beautiful sense of humor that comes through.

I felt a so much more clarity after a session with Laura and I have every confidence you will too. 🙏🏻✨🌸✨

Client Love

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose

You can continue being unhappy with your life, adding more stress and guilt to your daily life, knowing that aren't doing anything productive to change your life...


You can stop being unhappy, start controlling your own life, and start achieving your goals, building your dream life and being so proud of yourself!

Instead of wasting time reading self growth and help books that are NOT customized to you... 1 on 1 coaching will give you custom tools based on YOUR specific needs and goals. Instead of a cookie cutter program designed for the masses, coaching keeps your motivation high, ensuring your progress so you can continue crushing your goals. 

*Please note: I have a limited amount of coaching spots available, grab your spot before they are gone.

Mindset Coach Laura Paige



you never regret improving your life

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